Footprint Chart Education

If you have every wanted to learn about Footprint charts, what they are, how they are created, and most importantly, how to APPLY them, then the Footprint Deep Dive video course is for you.

If you believe in the power and benefits that Footprint charts can provide, this is must have education. You'll be so far ahead in your learning curve.

This 2 minute video uses clips pulled right from the actual deep dive course. 

The Footprint Deep Dive is a 10 video course that starts with the very basics of what a footprint chart is and builds upon the concepts throughout. The last several videos teach how to apply it to trading.

The MarketDelta Desktop software is not required but helps if you have it because you can begin putting into practice what is taught. Get a 14 day trial here.

Success ultimately boils down to applying information successfully and we do our best throughout the course to help you reach your goals.

The course is self paced and taught by 2 Footprint chart experts, Trevor Harnett (creator of the footprint) and Anthony Drager, footprint chart educator and career trader.

The course is available as a 1 time purchase for $497 and can be purchased over at the MarketDelta Edge site. 

Chicago Trading Workshop 2017 Recap

Chicago Trading Workshop 2017 Recap