4 Key Things to Focus on in MarketDelta

This information packed Footprint chart highlights a lot of different things to analyze and learn from when studying the Footprint chart. Some of the key things to focus on here are the footprint imbalances, the migrating volume POC (yellow box), the volume profile (right side of the chart), and the magnitude of the volume study set to delta which is shown along the bottom of the chart.

Each part plays a crucial role in helping to identify and then take the trade. The volume imbalance acts as a trigger to get in or get out. The volume breakdown helps identify the momentum of the market and gives clues about which way it might breakout when in congestion. The volume profile provides the big picture of trading activity and offer support and resistance areas based on volume analysis.

One thing that is very noticeably lacking are all sorts of indicators and lines. This is the anti-indicator chart! :)  It provides a clear view of the market using order flow and volume analysis and is recommended by MarketDelta as a way to stay focused and disciplined while trading.

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Looking at the S&P 500 eMini with Long Time Frame

Making it Easy to Read the Footprint Chart