Trade Example of the Day from January 27th

The numbers below correspond to the numbers on the charts.  These were trades that were moderated and tracked in real time in the MarketDelta Trading room. 1. Big swoop down with momentum 2. Pullback 3. Big buyer who got laugh out on the way down shows potential overhead R 4. Also, the previous days close (dashed yellow line) potential overhead R 5. Vol. Imbalance Footprint goes red 6. Big buyers having trouble getting it to go up

Results: Short 80.25,

+3 ticks +4 ticks +10 ticks

Winners and losers, "Remember, my best trades are losers and worst trades are missed ones!"

trade of the day 1-27

No matter what market or style you trade... the concepts you will learn in the room will be useful!

Looking for a L"edge"

Trade of the Day