Combining Market Profile with the Footprint Chart

Earlier today MarketDelta tweeted out a chart bringing attention to the market open of the past 7 days. The chart is shown in the tweet below and proved to be a very timely tweet for anyone following @marketdelta.

To compliment the 7 day pattern recognized on the Market Profile chart take a look at the volume imbalance Footprint (bottom pane). Look at all the inventory let out between 1835.00 and the highs of the session.  The Footprint Filter, used in the MD Trading Room,  doesn't even look like a filter because there was so much large lot trading volume.

Inventory let's out chart post 1.13.14

When the tweet was posted it was still within the first 60 minutes of trading and plenty of time to take a short position and risk 3 or so points. Take a look at the 15 minute candle chart at the bottom showing what ended up occurring.


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