Recent Testimonial From the MarketDelta Trading Room

This post is a little self serving but MarketDelta is often asked what are the benefits offered by the live trading room. This seemed to sum it up pretty well from a subscriber's point of view.  Since joining the MD trading room two months ago, I not only have developed a much better understanding of Market Delta footprints, but also, I have been taught to see where bigger volume buyers and sellers might be "stuck."   These high volume, "imbalance" price levels give terrific insight into near-term market direction.   There are lots of additional benefits to a room subscription, including frequent extra webinars that explain the chart structures visible in a footprint as well as strategies developed by Anthony to exploit the information.      During each morning session, there are reminders about upcoming news announcements -- observations about bonds, currencies and other correlated instruments.  It's like having play-by-play and color announcers all rolled into one throughout the morning session.   Perhaps, most important to me is that Anthony constantly reminds us to control our "losers," wait for intelligent entries and then have realistic goals for profit targets.  He trades real money in real time.... with no BS.  Having that example to follow helps me to keep my emotions under control.  I am not chasing as before or picking tops and bottoms....  but more willing to simply wait for the next best idea.     The room is grounded in the "real" market -- the one driven by professional traders and the one linked to correlated instruments.  This insight into how the stock index futures actually work is invaluable to me.  I look forward to each morning session.     In my previous life, I was CEO of a market research and sales training company in the computer industry.  So I appreciate excellence in educational services. 

I highly recommend that any trader of eMini S&P futures consider signing up in order to share the benefits of this refreshing and profitable perspective.     Hats off! 

Tom W. - Massachusetts

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