Trade Walkthrough from End of Day on Friday

This trade example was provided by Trader Don of Wolf Pack Trading (text and all). He is referring to the new Volume Imbalance indicator. My mentor told me back in 1993 that if he was only allowed to trade one hour of the day that it would be the last hour. Thus, in keeping up with William’s guidance I stuck around today and got in my focused zone for the Friday closing.

Because the trade was a strong volume imbalance setup it warranted an increased trading size amount. And, there were two good probability destinations.

The chart is a 4 tick change chart. For those who followed my moderating you know I kept it very simple and was very confident of my destination. This new volume imbalance indicator is working out well for myself and I love it.

Study the attached closely as this end of the day pattern happens quite often. And, it is a good lesson on the volume imbalance indicator.

Regards, Trader Don Wolf Pack Trading

8-2-2013 ES closing trade

Volume Imbalance Trade Example

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