ES Trade Example from This Morning Using the Footprint

This morning has already produced some great trading opportunities for those using the Footprint chart. A primary edge the Footprint provides is the ability to "see inside the bar" as it develops. This provides early clues about what the market is trying to do.

Using the screenshot above, the key things to focus in on are volume at price, the color of the Footprints, and the trends in the delta at the bottom of the chart. The color infers the aggressiveness of buyers and sellers. Red infers selling are trying to influence price more aggressively and blue/green infers buyers are trying to influence price more aggressively. Using this information in conjunction with support and resistance levels offers greater insight to what the market participants as a whole are doing and how important the market values particular levels.

As you can see, sometimes a pullback is just a pullback and not a big reversal. The Footprint helps you spot this and position yourself accordingly to take better advantage of trading opportunities.

Opportunities in Crude Oil

Patterns in Delta