Spotting Large Volume Levels

There is nothing like the Footprint chart when it comes to understanding how much trading activity is occurring in realtime. It shows:

  • Exactly where other market participants are trading and how the volume is stacking up.
  • It also provides you with realtime feedback of the order flow. Red Footprints represent more aggressive selling (trading on the bid) and blue/green Footprints represent more aggressive buying (trading on the ask).

The screenshot below shows a picture of what happened but doesn't tell the entire story. The only way to know the story is to see this type of action develop in realtime.  Here, the story was all about what the order book (depth of market) showed on the screen versus how much actually traded.  There were iceberg orders sitting every few cents all the way down.  Big volume would trade despite the order book only showing 20 or 30 contracts. That means 10x the amount of volume would trade and without the Footprint chart you would never even know! 

Check it out for yourself in realtime by visiting

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