Corn...Limit Up

What does a limit up move look like on a Footprint chart you ask? Let me show you. Corn Futures Limit Up


This is corn futures from June 8th, 2011.  Here is an article discussing why it was limit up.  Anytime a market is limit up or limit down suggests the market is out of balance and seeking value beyond a level that the Exchange as deemed price to fluctuate on a given day.  When locked limit up or limit down trading is basically paused at that level while buyers and sellers decide if that limit price suffices as "value".  It is like a time out in a sporting event. Each side has time to regroup and go back out on the field.  In this case the screenshot speaks for itself about the usefulness the Footprint chart can provide in a situation like this.  The "time out" gave the sellers reason to come in aggressively and reject the limit price as value...for the time being at least.

The transparency to see when and how hard sellers are hitting the bit when limit up provided three fantastic intraday trading opportunities with immediate results.  Without the Footprint there is now possible way to keep track of intrabar activity like this.

Of course selling a limit bid or buying a limit offer is always dangerous, but that is trading. Every trade has a level of danger associated with it.

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