High of the Day for June 7

A visitor of this site asked to see yesterday's high of the day in the context of a Footprint chart. Here is both the Footprint chart (set to a 1-point range bar setting) as well as the Market Profile chart. I haven't discussed Market Profile charts much on this site, but they go hand-in-hand with Footprint charting. Both chart methods are based on the same concept, auction market theory, but the Market Profile looks at a bigger picture while the Footprint is more finely tuned to the up-close activity unfolding in real-time. Traders often combine these two charts for a particularly effective trading system.

The day on June 7 opened squarely in the middle of the prior day's value area. In the first 30 minutes, the auction tested the value area's low, and the market rejected this movement, sending prices rebounding off the value area low.

The high of the day occurred as the market approached the value area high. Since the market was fluctuating all day inside value, a substantial event would be necessary to convince the market's players that this value area was no longer acceptable. Lacking any such event, the market was likely to stay within value... until late in the day when the market finally decided that value should be found lower (and today, Wednesday, the day following June 7, the market has indeed opened and started forming a much lower value area).

So the first context was this value area pattern.

Now, turn your attention to the Footprint chart as prices rose to that value area high.

Click for larger version.

I think the chart speaks for itself. As you can see, having some knowledge of the context of the market first, and then looking at the Footprint, makes for a winning combination. In this case, it was about a 13-point winning trade based on very simple concepts.

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