Weakening buying energy on the Open

Here is a chart example from the ES contract on the morning of Wednesday June 1, minutes after the Open of the stock market. When you consider several Range bars in a row, sometimes it is easy to see how the order flow, and thus the general market sentiment, is changing in real-time on a short time frame.

If you had another reason to go short at this 1340-ish level, such as a Market Profile level, support or resistance line, or any other reason, seeing these patterns would give you a lot of extra confidence. Or if you are a particularly aggressive trader, you might take a short trade based on this Footprint setup alone. Strategies vary and so do different traders' risk tolerances, but no matter how you trade, the Footprint adds a lot to what you know about the market activity unfolding in front of you.

Trading AAPL with Order Flow

Crude Oil Contract on a Reversal Footprint